October 2nd, 2019

October 2 2019


Insomnia rules and I’ve half a mind too.

pareidolia : the tendency to see patterns in randomness. It is a compulsion but does it help us at all? I have some friends who feel very strongly nothing that happens makes any sense and have tailored their life styles accordingly.  It usually drives them crazy. Not me though, I’m very comfortable with the idea. Does tend to make people nervous so I’ve learned to stop bringing it up in mixed company but they can tell. oh yeah they can.

So Hallowmas plans are well under way. This year we’re asking you to collect abandoned locked safes to bring to the show where we will provide complimentary locksmiths to show you what you stole! It can be done! Yes, only WORLD/INFERNO provides you with the complete immersive Hallowmas experience and has been doing so since 1997, a name for chaos you can trust!

Trust me.

hooray for the cream kids, double down on your witchiness and never let go. find real solace in music and the world around you will swirl.

remember Good King Walpurgisnacht and we will beat the dawn.

Jack Terricloth
October 2, 2019
630 in the morning!
Ridge wood, Queens