Inferno #1 - Tattoos Fade 7”


An Introduction to the World/Inferno–our first release, put out by Blue Ghost records, which was run out of a punk rock record store in Highland Park, NJ. Sound on Sound, it was called, kind of a Reconstruction records sequel, but back in Jersey so the kids could get on with their lives. Anyhoo, only 500 pressed they say. Side one is Tattoos Fade, the Inferno Call to Arms. We've tried re-recording this number a couple times, but nothing can compare to this almost archival version: the banging piano, the swung-over-the-head guitar, the drums–literally two kick drums mounted and battered with mallets, the Leslie organ–that alone is worth the price of admission. Oh that organ! As big as a piece of furniture, gently oscillating. Wonderful.

Side two is Nothing You Begin, which is really us trying to redo Velvet Goldmine, and is only remarkable for Zundel T'Kotch's appearance on drums. Love that continuity. Recorded at Times Square at Quad Studios by that lying son of a bitch and father to us all, Scott Hollingsworth. Oh, I should mention this was re-pressed as a split single in Germany on X-mist records, with our friends The Monochrome Collective.