Inferno #2 - The Models And The Mannequins

Inferno #2 and our first on Gern Blandsten. It's hard to believe now but we recorded this one at the Studio we built all those years ago on Keap Street in Brooklyn (imagine me owning something). This is my favorite of our singles–so very very crisp, so sampled, so digital. Models starts with drums lifted from some No Means No song and features notes I used to have trouble hitting (isn't it comforting that the more you practice the better you get? No? I suppose it is frustrating as well).

B-side: Glamour Ghouls. The drums are from a Pete Townsend solo record. The lyrics are about the Jonathan Fire Eaters, our friends whom we watched get chewed up and spit out by the entertainment industrial complex. Don't think I've copped to that before.