Halfway to Hallowmas show!


Set starting on Walpurgisnacht and culminating on Beltane. Damn good excuse for a party. Its exactly Halfway to Hallowmas in a venue about one quarter of its accustomed size. Its Witch's Night, kids. Dress up, gotta look sharp.

Gaze into the future. By the time the Great Pumpkin returns to us in October, we will have a new album of songs out for you to dance to. Look toward the past. On May 11th, we dare to cross the streams and time travel back to North Six in 2002. But before we take that leap together, friends, we are still residing in The Now and here in That Now, we know sharks have to keep swimming. Forward, ever forward. Keeping with that theme, The Inferno Moderne of 2019 would like to invite you to our first annual Beltane/Walpurgisnacht bash! This April 30, we will present a totally different set of songs from what the Heritage Line Up is preparing for you at the Music Hall show in May. You don't want to miss this one, it really will be One for the Witches.

Pumpkin Workers of the Patch Unite!